Look stunning on your special day

Your wedding day is a celebration that you get to share with your family, friends, and (most importantly) the love of your life. You want the confidence that comes with looking great…and a professional stylist there to help you achieve it.

We are award-winning Denver wedding hair stylists and makeup artists, so you can trust that our team of professional beauty artists will make you look like the gorgeous and elegant bride you are.

To earn that trust, we take time to chat about any questions you have, and, ultimately, make the vision for your wedding come to life!

Before the wedding, we will meet for a trial appointment at the Jaded Beauty Studio. This crucial time is for you and your stylist to talk, bounce around ideas, and look at photos. Then, sit back and relax while we pamper you and create a style perfect for your special day.



$ 2,970




$ 5,100


A custom package with no mandatory service requirement, only a minimum wedding rate.

  • Pre-wedding bridal preview
  • Wedding day bridal services
  • High-end, photo-quality products
  • Individual lashes
  • Team of 1 lead artist
  • Preferred number of services
  • Optional touch-up time


Of course! This appointment an essential part of the process. The pre-wedding preview allows the artist and bride quality time to connect, collaborate and address any beauty-related questions in a dedicated 1-2 hour session. Our talented artists are devoted to bringing your vision to life, understanding your unique style, and ensuring every detail is perfect for your big day. We genuinely believe that this thoughtful planning is key to making your wedding day beautiful, stress-free, and enjoyable.

We recommend booking the preview 1-3 months before the wedding to account for ongoing beauty plans and set the stage for success. This timeline also provides flexibility for those considering multiple previews.

Follow these tips to ensure a flawless preview:

  • Schedule a dermaplane facial 3-5 days in advance for radiant skin. If you need an esthetician recommendation, we’re here to guide you based on your specific needs – just ask!

  • Plan your shampoo schedule. Prioritize clean hair on the day of your appointment.  A day-of wash isn’t always necessary, but we can’t work with greasy and oily hair.

  • Bring accessories like earrings, hair clips or a veil to experiment with.

  • Research your desired look and save your inspiration photos ahead of time. We focus as much of your appointment time as possible on your beauty application. Arriving prepared makes sure you get a radiant and beautiful final result – leaving you well-prepared and confident heading into your big day!

We offer a variety of hair extension options suitable for brides and all clients. The most popular are semi-permanent tape-in hair extensions, lasting up to 6 months. We recommend getting these in the months leading up to the wedding to showcase them before, during and after the big day.

The other alternatives include temporary methods intended for daily use. Opt for clip-in and halo extensions for a stunning wedding day look, while keeping effortlessly natural hair for everyday style.

Airbrush makeup is a hands-free technique for applying makeup to the skin. We prefer airbrush due to its long-lasting effects, non-transferable capabilities, and the gorgeous results it provides across diverse skin types and textures. Similar to traditional makeup, airbrush is customizable, allowing for a spectrum of coverage from subtle to full.

There is little we value more than equality for all individuals, regardless of their gender, sexual identity, or orientation. As a team and business, we unequivocally reject any form of homophobia or discrimination. We welcome ALL individuals with open arms and offer beauty support inclusively. 

We are an ethnically diverse team and our artists undergo training to cater to ALL skin types, textures, and colors. One of our core values is equality for all individuals, regardless of their culture, heritage, or ethnicity. Our company firmly denounces all forms of  racism without exception. We invite individuals of any background to experience our services!

Get in touch with us today to learn how we’ll make your wedding day amazing. 

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